Team Green

The Challenge:
After 10 years as a small, local hiking/outdoor program, we set out to make Team Green the category leader it could be, with performance footwear company Merrell, the country’s largest natural and organic grocer Whole Foods, and category leader Bridgestone Americas, in support.

Our Approach:
Through our robust and proprietary discovery process, we learned Team Green had consistently underestimated the value of its loyal and affluent membership. We believed the best way to build a stronger Team Green was to package its member affinity as an asset, and plug the club as a valuable relationship tool for environmentally and socially responsible corporations. We developed concise new messaging and positioning, highlighting Team Green’s longevity as one of the largest and most active adventure clubs in the country. We revamped old programs and created a variety of scalable sponsorship packages with smart business messages. New sales collateral became cleaner and easier to follow and emphasized the relational strengths of the program. We also developed better reporting metrics to demonstrate value for sponsors.

The Result:
Team Green members and sponsors responded enthusiastically to the “new” program. Team Green’s title sponsor renewed its contract at 125% and five new supporting companies signed on within three months. Membership also increased 45% during the same time. In less than six months, we helped transform Team Green from a low-value add-on program to one of the best-selling eco-clubs in the U.S.

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