SC&A Natural Resource Consulting

The Challenge:
Thirty-five years of success in business calls for a celebration, and SC&A Natural Resources, certainly had a unique idea. To enlighten more people about the importance of natural resources, and to honor the Company’s founder (now deceased), SC&A commissioned a major donation of 100,000 trees to residents across Tennessee. The challenge put to us: Find enough adopters to put those trees in the ground.

Our Approach:
On the surface, SC&A appeared as a large tactical assignment. But Envolve accepted the mightier mission: To engineer strategies that could bridge meaningful engagements statewide for SC&A’s business as a whole. Through a four-month media and public relations plan, we connected SC&A with impassioned CEOs, corporate sustainability officers, private sector engineers, government agencies, school children, volunteers and non-profit organizations in 93 of Tennessee’s 95 counties statewide. In turn, we connected their representatives and/or constituents with meaningful environmental engagements and hundreds of tree planting events statewide.

The Outcome:
What started as a simple idea to honor a CEO’s legacy grew into the single largest reforestation project by an individual in all of Tennessee. This grassroots campaign inspired thousands of Tennessee residents and hundreds of businesses; it secured the consistent coverage by media statewide; and it exceeded goal by 1,482 trees with unparalleled support statewide. Should all of the adopted trees survive a mere 20 years (most likely), they will soak in a combined 41,112.5 tons of carbon annually. That’s close to what a 350-acre forest would absorb – imagine Washington, D.C.’s Capital Mall filled with trees from tip to toe. Always the key indicator of successful work, SC&A has engaged Envolve Strategies for long-term business initiatives including partnership development, strategic business development, and, of course, marketing services.

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