Lawrence Brothers, LLC

The Challenge:
Lawrence Brothers LLC is a local mixed-use developer whose commitment to the environment and responsible building gained decent notoriety for both residential homes and mixed-use developments. Despite a heavy stream of accolades – including a two time “Regional Builder of the Year” award from Earth Craft House, and other advertorial that included HGTV Pro – Lawrence Brothers was affected by the national housing market crash of 2008 and needed to energize home sales.

Our Approach:
Often, agencies are eager to redesign a website, reproduce new collateral, and run up the bill on hip-fired marketing programs. ENVOLVE doesn’t work that way. Instead, we invested in the discovery of Lawrence Brothers’ business structure, practices and promotion to ensure their decisions – and ours – would be well informed and wise. Through a comprehensive four-part (strategic) process, we learned most of the company’s public recognition was the result of other entities’ agendas, not their own. We discovered the company had never actually composed a messaging platform, or a marketing plan. We found Lawrence Brothers lacked a bon a fide business development system, and programs for ongoing consumer relationships alive.

The Result:
Our initial project, a 54-page findings document, recorded for the first time Lawrence Brothers’ brand personality, messaging opportunities (including positioning and elevator statements), their audiences (there were four beyond the obvious homebuyers) and each of their motivations. Most importantly, we provided a clear work plan for empowering the Company to grow sales, marketing and brand development within their community on their own. When the going gets tough, we realize not all clients can afford to pay outside agencies to implement their programs. Instead, Envolve provided a rich suite of strategy to enable Lawrence Brothers the opportunities to maintain on their own– the company’s only sustainable option in such poor economic conditions.

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