Gulf Wild™ trackable seafood

The Challenge:
What happens when you’re among the most conservation-minded fishermen in the world and 4.9 million barrels of oil spill into your back yard?  That’s about 210 million U.S. gallons so naturally The Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance freaked out at first. Then they enlisted Envolve Strategies to help engineer ambitious branding strategies to counter the negative effects 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster had on seafood consumers. First on the list: Bring to life a uniquely conceived fish tag system that could publicly display complete credentials of fish online – like exactly where in the Gulf of Mexico it was caught, who caught it, from what vessel, even confirmation of the type of fish – all while affirming the growing sustainability initiatives that relate to the fishery.

Our Approach:
The proactive Gulf Alliance fishermen had already conceived the revolutionary tagging system before engaging Envolve Strategies but the historic oil disaster threatened their very concept before they could get it into play. We immediately conducted deep research on the seafood industry, seeking similar concepts and consumer data that would provide insight on “the norms.”  Then we set out to build a better fish trap. With sustainability at the core of the emerging brand promise, we committed to building a “first” in Gulf seafood. Our niche business experience revealed that most consumers are willing to change their consumption habits if it can help improve the world and most would switch brands to one of similar quality if it supported a good cause. With these and other “green consumer” insights, we knuckled down to engineer what some industry insiders say is one of the most significant seafood brand introductions in years. From the early prototypes of Gulf Wild’s name and noticeably eco-focused logo designs in late 2010, to the development of messaging blueprints and marketing collateral, to the creation of layered partnership and media strategies that continue to power the brand today, Envolve has been an instrumental partner in engineering the Gulf Wild™ brand.

The Results:
When paired with the Gulf Wild™ logo, our mission-focused “Seafood with Certainty” tagline earned the client’s confidence that consumers would feel the promise and attributes of the unique brand. With the same branding ideals in mind, we added valuable online expertise in developing the Gulf Wild™ TransparenSea System™ – the online seafood tracking system at that features layers of consumer-rich messaging and an impressively low (40%) bounce rate. The client’s goals for Gulf Wild™ are far too intricate for a simple case study but we’re eager to discuss any specific interests you might have. Perhaps the easiest way to assess our media, digital, branding, food safety, sustainability, marketing and partnership initiatives (whew, that’s a lot!) is to do a simple Google search for “Gulf Wild” and “Trackable Seafood” or “Gulf Wild” and “seafood fraud.” We’re certain the information and links that ensue will enlighten you on our results, as well as the very impressive and good works of the Gulf Alliance fishermen.

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