Active Living By Design

The Challenge:
Nashville folks were not moving enough for their health, eating too much of their tasty but high-calorie southern diet, and developing some nasty habits that includes a lot of sitting around. We needed a campaign to make healthy living an acceptable norm rather than the exception.

Our Approach:
After Nashville won a three-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to implement a program called Active Living by Design, we worked with both the private and public sector to craft a public campaign. Our goal was to get kids and adults moving in groups to reinforce the practice that exercise and good nutrition can be both fun and beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

The Outcome:
We helped create, market and implement the annual Tour de Nash, a recurring non-competitive walk/bike through the streets and greenways of Nashville. We designed the tour for individuals, families and groups which formed to work on weight, nutrition, and exercise plans. We invited Eddie George, a popular NFL football star, to host the ride and appeal to kids, and the event blossomed from 300 riders to over 750 riders in one year. We also helped raise four times more public and corporate financial support than the initiative had previously seen.

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