Envolve Strategies named a Green Hero: Makes inaugural list of 50 most eco-friendly companies in Middle Tennessee

(by Drew Ruble, Nashville Post)

What makes a business green? For this first-time ranking, we define a green business first as one that provides goods or services intended to improve the sustainability of others. For nearly every category of conventional consumer goods and services, there is a green alternative – from automobiles to marketing services.

Second, we define a green business as one that employs sustainable principles in their facilities and practices. As such, many of the businesses here are focused on keeping their environmental footprint small, reducing waste, reusing materials, using innovative building techniques and materials to promote energy efficiency, and even encouraging employees to think about the environment in their day-to-day business life. In many instances, the companies listed here fall into a third category of green business – those that fit both of the above descriptions.

The Nashville Post’s snapshot of Envolve Strategies in its Nashville Green Heroes section:

Billed as the first green marketing and public relations agency in the Southeast, Envolve Strategies focuses solely on marketing and sustainability consulting for underserviced green businesses both established and emerging nationally. Envolve specializes in certified green events, workplace strategies, green media, grassroots marketing, socially responsive messaging and online marketing programs. Clients must meet a certain number of internal criteria used to determine if a company’s sustainability initiatives are marketable in order to be selected for representation. Those that qualify benefit from Envolve’s expertise in marketing companies as sustainable brands that people want in their lives. Envolve also serves a crucial role at the intersection of consultants and marketers to bring about verifiable messaging and stamp out “green washing” – or false or insupportable claims about sustainability. Founding partner and president Mark Thien is co-founder of the Nashville Clean Water Project, the largest water cleanup project in Nashville history. With business partner Jim Deming, the company has combined the scientific and social elements of the sustainable business movement.


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